“Loving CW3. Nice work peeps!”
Julie Lee, TimeBanks Aotearoa, New Zealand
 “Seamless and easy! Love it! Very happy.” 
– Alicia Barmon @ Frederick TimeBank, Maryland
“By the way, I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE!.” 
– BJ Andryusky @ The Everyday Hero Exchange, Florida
 “I use the ‘become a member’ a LOT. At least half of the members are adults with disabilities. So ‘become a member’ is very useful” 
– Erin Malone,  Washington County Wisconsin Timebank

Online TimeBanking Software

has become an essential tool for TimeBanks.

Community Weaver is an online timebanking software that enables members of each TimeBank to share their needs (service requests), what they can do for others (offers of service), as well as their skills and the talents. It provides an online place for timebankers to learn about other members, to connect each other, to find services or skills that they can exchange and a place to record their exchanges with each other, tracking the hours or time credits that they gave or received. TimeBank coordinators can use it to support their TimeBank members, organize and highlight events, make announcements, and provide alerts for the TimeBank community.

Members can set up and record service exchanges with a few simple clicks. TimeBank coordinators can support their TimeBank membership, organize and highlight events, make announcements and provide alerts for the TimeBank community. Try it out on the Community Weaver demo site.


Community Weaver 3

  • invites people to join the TimeBank
  • informs members of events, news and community projects
  • lists service offers and service requests
  • shares lists of member’s skills and talents
  • sends messages from one member to another
  • records the exchanges made by service recipients and service providers
  • tracks the hours and services given and received
  • keeps records of payments and donations to the TimeBank
  • adapts to mobile devices, phones tablets, etc.
  • shows statistics of the timebanking community
  • includes a dashboard to give coordinators a quick overview of timebank activities
  • creates reports for fundraising and grant reporting
  • can create neighborhood or local branches of a TimeBank



Community Weaver 3  Hosting

TimeBanks.Org has developed this software using open-source resources and we host the software for you (and take care of the headaches like security, updates, server maintenance).  When starting out, we suggest trying out the software at the Community Weaver 3 demo site. Learn how it works so you can get that piece in place.

ABOUT_cw3hi_bluecircTo Launch a new online Community  with Community Weaver 3.0 Software



Community Weaver 3 Fees

Start-up TimeBanks pay a launch fee and receive CW3 hosting, maintenance and limited tech support for one year from the date of launch.  After year one, timebanks pay the regular biannual fee (twice a year) for the hosting, maintenance, security, and tech support that we provide on an ongoing basis. Click on this link to see the fee schedule.

Contact us to use the online Community Weaver 3 TimeBanking Software

If you are starting a new TimeBank and do not yet have the online software set up, you’ll need to sign up with your information,  sign the Timebank use agreement for Community Weaver 3, and pay a start-up fee (launch fee). To request us to create a new Community Weaver 3 TimeBank site for you please click here. For timebanks wishing to transfer to Community Weaver from another timebanking software please contact us for further information.  If you have additional questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more help.

And Don’t Forget!

When you’re creating a timebank, you’re creating a new community! And yes, great software like CW3 makes a huge difference. But it’s important not to forget that it’s only one part of a bigger picture.

Remember that in-person connections are the heart of timebanking! To learn more about starting the journey to create a new timebank, check out Gathering With A Purpose, Level 1 — An Introduction to TimeBanking for Start-Up TimeBank Leaders. It’s designed to be fun, but you will find it powerful as well. And it’s completely free. Host it 4-6 times over two to three months to build a network of early champions and supporters you can count on to provide the timebank with the early lift it needs.