Gathering With A Purpose

An Introductory Series on
The Power of Giving & Receiving


In these changing, challenging times, do you feel called to provide leadership in your community? To bridge divides and bring people together?

If yes, timebanking may be what you need.  Timebanking supports and encourages the sharing of effort, skills and resources to bring the power of kindness and connection into our lives.  With timebanking we honor diversity, and take action that leads to greater wellbeing and happiness for ourselves and others. It also is a natural tool for building community resilience. 

Timebanking will always invite and involve teamwork.  With our Gathering With a Purpose series, you and a colleague will bring together a group of people in your own community, and use the materials and coaching we provide to hold an initial Potluck Gathering, followed by a series of 3 Learning Circle Gatherings.

The Gathering series includes tips on gaining skill as a story-teller, assignments that will provide you the opportunity to give & receive time credits one-on-one and as a group, an introduction to the timebank “Reciprocity Loop”  and more. The Gathering introduces to the core values of timebanking in real time. You will learn through your own experience why so many people have found timebanking lifechanging. Through it all, you will be creating a sense of possibility that is stronger for you, for those who join you, and, last but far from least, for your community.



Course Description

This 4-session workshop introduces timebanking’s core values and operating principles.  It combines on-line learning that’s easy to access, with in-person group sessions that will give you the chance to learn through real life experiences.

To take the workshop series, you will need to seek out 2-6 other people in your community or neighborhood to join you, making a group of 3-7 people. (At a stretch, the group could go to 9.  But 7 is better as an upper limit.)

The series comprises a 4-hour morning, afternoon or evening gathering with a meal, followed by three 1 ½ – 2 hour in-person group learning experiences. Designed to be interactive and action-oriented, the workshops will give you a powerful experience of timebanking fundamentals. 

The initial gathering will help you and your group members come to know each other better and plan your timeline.  Share stories, review the elements and aims of the workshops, and come up with your first assignment to earn and spend time credits.

Between meetings, you will access online assignments. An online forum will keep your group connected.

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