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2015 Time for All Leadership Retreat: Sept. 9-13

Our mission: To create a space where timebank leaders of all levels of experience can share resources, tell stories, relax together, brainstorm for future projects, grow, and renew bonds that timebank leaders enjoy.

Dear Timebank Leaders,

Please join Kathy Perlow, Stacey Jacobsohn, and Abby Greer for an inspiring and hands-on Timebank Leadership Retreat.  Running, managing, and coordinating a timebank can be lonely work.  We have found that spending time together allows for the sharing of our stories and valuable resources as well as gaining a renewed energy to take back to your timebank.

We plan to use the Art of Hosting model, because it is an art to become skillful at helping ourselves and others work well together, especially in times of increasing complexity. AOH blends a suite of powerful conversational processes to invite people to step in and take charge of the challenges facing them.

This four day/four night retreat is offered to timebank leaders only (software usage irrelevant) and made possible by Pete Volpinari and Kathy Perlow who have offered their lovely home in Bethlehem, PA. Kathy and Pete’s spacious home sits in a residential but open development, has a beautiful outdoor patio area and private deck along with a refreshing in-ground pool. There will be limited beds for sleeping; however, there is ample floor space for air mattresses and tent space outside. We cannot guarantee your specific requests for sleeping accommodations unless for medical reasons.

Bethlehem is 4 miles from ABE airport and airport shuttles can be available for Time Credits, or you can rent a car at the airport. Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE):

The $100 fee for this 4 day retreat will cover 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 dinners and a small supply and cleaning fee. The group will go out to eat for TWO other dinners and you will be responsible for your meals. Participants will be responsible for alcoholic beverages of their choice, if desired.

The maximum capacity for this retreat is 20 people for in house accommodations and 10 more for hotel or tenting (you make your own arrangements).

Hotels near the airport and not far from location:

In order to reserve your spot, you must mail a deposit check for $50; contact for more details!