If you are receiving this letter, you know that Timebanking asks in the name of equality and mutual respect for people to stand on both sides of giving and receiving.

The reciprocity embedded at the heart of timebanking is a statement of faith in a truth that is so often obscured by our economic and life circumstances: that each of us has strengths and contributions to make, and every one of us also has needs to meet.

That by paying it forward, we can create chains of contribution that truly change lives.

Timebanking seeks, in a way that is both transformative and meaningful, to build webs of meaningful connection – to overcome the social isolation that undermines the health and wellbeing of so many, both here in the United States and around the world.

And that has always meant real life exchanges. Coming together in real time and real space.  Until Covid-19 came along. 

As it has been on so many fronts and for so many lives the pandemic has massively challenged ours and local timebanks’ “normal.” It has called on us all to find wholly new ways for timebanks to keep the connections going, the sense of community intact.

As is true for so many, this was a year that started out quite differently!

In February, we recruited our new Executive Director, Krista Wyatt, who impressed us with her passion for enlisting survivors of breast cancer to become guides and mentors for the newly diagnosed. We were equally impressed by her experience in dynamically expanding the reach and depth of an on-the-ground non-profit organization.  As the Board Chair, I was excited to welcome Krista as the new ED and to work with her and our board of directors in crafting a new, two-pronged strategic direction.

On one prong, our new focus is to more closely partner with leading local timebanks to form regional “growth hubs,” bringing more and more people to timebanking as a platform for engaging and building community.

The second prong is to reach out to policy makers and academic institutions to enlist them as allies in this endeavor, expanding timebanking as a compelling way to heal our social ills at the local level – building on strengths and bridging divides across race, class, national origin, age, neighborhoods, language, and opening up avenues for hope, vision, and action.

With COVID raging, our focus turned elsewhere. But we are ready, and with a new administration in the White House, we are prepared to turn the growth hubs into reality in 2021.

       We have the documentation

       We have the software

       We have new leadership

       We have the vision and energy it will take.

Please help us step forward in 2021 to build on all that we have done so far to spread Timebanking as an affirming, hopeful and strength-building way to improve health, wellbeing, education and welfare.

Social isolation, so widespread, is a destructive, health- and soul-destroying weight on too many people’s lives. Your contribution will help us put in place vibrant new centers of timebanking to combat social isolation and its harms in communities and areas where the need is now greater than ever.

A gift from you of $25, $50, $150 – or any amount that you choose will help us secure the capacity that will advance that aim. No matter the amount, your contribution will be part of a shared commitment to build caring, resilient communities where people know they matter.  DONATE HERE NOW.

Thank you so much.


Edgar Cahn

Founder and Chair, TimeBanks USA