"I was struggling with the idea of making exchanges and thought they had to be extravagant, or at least somehow they needed to be more worthy of posting on the software than what I could think of. Most of the things I needed done in my house I could do by myself, and I wasn't in the habit of asking for help when I didn't feel like I really needed it. I knew I could handle re-arranging my closet, pulling my weeds or sorting out my sewing room all by myself, why should I ask for help? I learned through the timebank meetings that I went to and talking to other members in timebanks around the U.S. that one of the ideas of timebanking was more about creating community than just getting help, so I began to think of how I could do that in my own life. I looked around my home, and then posted a request for someone to help me sort out my embroidery threads. I had been given about a hundred of spools of colored embroidery thread that I thought would be fun to organize by color with another timebank member. What happened was far more than organizing embroidery threads. Carol and I spent an hour or so at the kitchen table getting to know one another over a cup of coffee while putting small spools of threads in boxes of matching colors. That was two years ago. We've done multiple exchanges since then, and a true friendship has been built over the past year. I couldn't imagine my life without Carol in it. None of this would have been possible without realizing that I can ask for help even when I don't need it. Now, when it comes to either giving, or receiving, I think TimeBanking first." - BJ Andryusky @ Tampa Bay Time, Florida http://ow.ly/FePa309LlID . #timebankingis #community #50storiesin50days #timebanks #story #timeasmoney #embroidery

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