“One thing about TimeBanking that makes it fun and interesting is that you never know what offer or request might peep its head over the horizon. I put it out there on the timebank that I would offer listening.  It’s not that I’ve had training in being a listener – but the idea of listening has always intrigued me, and I have sought out ways over time to get better at it. A response came from a timebank member who has been very involved, and who I knew.  She likes to explore new and interesting things but as a single person, she can’t always find a companion to do them with. Would I join her for a trip one evening to a Korean tea-room some 30 minutes away in Northern Virginia? What a great way to earn some time credits! Of course I said yes.  We went.  We had a fabulous time.  It was quite magical. The aromas of the many different — and beautiful — teas. The tea room decor which was restrained and elegant, and also beautiful. The small glass tea pots that let the glorious colors of the teas shine through. The handle-less, double-skinned glass cups that we poured the tea into. When we put our hands round them to drink, they had the feel of holding a delicate egg. A perfect match for the delicate teas. Time slowed down. And the listening?  Well, I did listen.  But so did my companion. All round, this was definitely a two-way treat.” - Chris Gray @ DC Timebank, Washington, DC http://ow.ly/Q7HU30afGjm . #timebankingis #community #50storiesin50days #timebanks #story #timeasmoney #listening

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