“I became an Onion River Exchange (ORE) member after years of resisting the urging of a friend. I thought with my work and family commitments, there was no corner of my time free for providing services and with my busy life figuring out what I might use seemed like an additional chore. Now, I use the network often. I am grateful for a whole vast group of people whose skills and help I can draw on. I have had folks bake for me, made use of a truck and driver on a garden project, gotten help doing computer research and collaborated in the creation of a long musical playlist for a special event. My ability to consider solutions and brain storm responses to life’s challenges has increased because I have so many people I may be able to call on. And it turns out, my everyday work life is the place where I have benefited the most. Every week I unfold the laundry done for me by an ORE member, and when I travel to study an ORE secretary takes over the scheduling of my appointments for my massage business. In exchange I offer services in a way that fits my schedule and has become a delightful way to meet people I might never have known otherwise. ORE has made my life richer and easier and I am grateful to everyone who has worked to make it succeed.” - Rebecca Riley @ Onion River Exchange, Vermont http://ow.ly/B2Y630anmbW #timebankingis #community #50storiesin50days #timebanks #story #timeasmoney #worklife

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