Kendal joined the TimeBank after her friend taught a pickling class for the TimeBank.  Kendal attended and was excited about the idea of teaching a class with her grandmother on making traditional pierogi. Her grandmother had grown up in the neighborhood near our offices, but had been displaced when the freeway was put through. Her family had stayed connected to the area through their church. For pierogi class, not only Kendal’s grandmother but also her mother came in to help her teach. Through this and other cooking classes Kendal had some hours in the TimeBank but had never spent them. Recently she bought a little house in Detroit that her grandfather had been born in, and spent the first several years of his life living there. The house has been abandoned for many years and has suffered considerable damage from scrappers and the elements. Kendal’s plan is to rehabilitate it as a model off-grid home with many contemporary environmentally friendly touches, while still keeping its historic flavor. At this early stage tearing out old damaged parts of the house is still the order of the day so we had a crew of nine people working in the house tearing out old flooring, dry wall, and insulation. It was a hot day to be working with long sleeves and masks on, but we managed to get a lot done before the sun got too high in the sky. - Unity In Our Community TimeBank, Michigan #timebankingis #community #50storiesin50days #timebanks #storytelling #timeasmoney #rehab #detroit

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