Krista Wyatt, CEO & Executive Director

The movement has become greater than it has ever been. With TimeBanks.Org’s unprecedented movement and growth, we are happy to have Krista Wyatt as our Executive Director to lead our organization and advance the movement onto the next stage of growth.

Over the last 29 years working in non-profit, Krista has developed and implemented organizational strategic planning, communication, outreach, and fundraising campaigns. She has built a statewide network of partners through community engagements and has advocated for racial and health equality through policy and education. Krista spearheaded several initiatives that helped create a more agile organization accelerating non-profit’s ability to respond to their mission in the digital age while ensuring deeper engagement with communities. She gets the potential of a relationship-driven movement powered by reciprocity. She brings to our movement her own contacts and networks, an instinctive preference for partnering over hierarchy, and an appreciation of the visionary impact of appreciating that every hour that we give is priceless because it is our slice of eternity.

Our commitment is to our communities, our mission, and our values. These are grounded in the work and contributions of timebanking founder and our CEO, Dr. Edgar Cahn, and the tireless dedication to the timebanking movement of our Board, our staff, and local and international timebanks all over the world. It is a joy to welcome Krista as she comes on board.


Edgar Cahn, Founder 

Dr. Edgar S. Cahn was the creator of Time Dollars and the founder of TimeBanks.Org, as well as the co-founder of the National Legal Services Program and the Antioch School of Law (now the David A. Clarke School of Law).

He was the author of No More Throw Away People: The Co-Production ImperativeTime Dollars (co-author Jonathan Rowe, Rodale Press, 1992), Our Brother’s Keeper: The Indian in White America, (1972) and Hunger USA.

More details about Edgar Cahn’s career of service in furtherance of social justice can be found on Wikipedia at


Board of Directors

Kathy Perlow, Board Chair

Membership Coordinator, Community Exchange TimeBank in Allentown, PA with 700 individual members and 20 organizational partners. Volunteer Coordinator for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Eastern Chapter of PA. Co-author of “Community-Based Participatory Research Shows How a Community Initiative Creates Networks to Improve Well-Being”, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, December 2009 and “Time Banking and Health: The Role of a Community Currency Organization in Enhancing Well-Being”, Health Promotion Practice, August 5, 2010.

Christine Gray, Co-Chair

Joining in 1999 as a volunteer, then as Associate for Special Projects, Christine became CEO of TimeBanks USA in 2009-2011 and joined the Board in 2012. Dedicated to spreading TimeBanking, she continues to take on multiple roles, including training, writing articles, making presentations, and partnering with community organizers at the grassroots level.

Christine secured her doctoral degree in political science at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2011. Her doctoral thesis was published as The Tribal Moment in American Politics: The Struggle for Native American Sovereignty in June 2013 by the Alta Mira Press.

Hussain Rizvi

Oversees TimeBanks.Org technology systems and strategies. He is a Program Consultant with Ab Initio Software and dedicated to rebuilding the community, reforming economic and social systems, and empowering people to contribute to each other’s well-being through reciprocity.

Mike Strode

Mike Strode is a writer, urban cyclist, facilitator, and solidarity economy organizer with the Kola Nut Collaborative residing in southeast Chicago. The Kola Nut Collaborative is Chicago’s only time-based service and skills exchange (otherwise known as a timebank) providing an open platform for mutual aid, community organizing, and network weaving. The Collaborative recently launched an initiative to develop a network of Chicago-based facilitators trained in the Offers and Needs Market.

Mike began his work as a timebank coordinator after working for food sovereignty and food justice with Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living and Healthy Food Hub. He is also a trainer on cooperative practices having designed sessions for the Co-op Ed Center, Upside Down Consulting, Fuerza Laboral, Network for Developing Conscious Communities, and Cooperation for Liberation Study & Working Group. He is currently a member of the inaugural cohorts of Post Growth Institute’s Post Growth Fellowship and AORTA’s (Anti-Oppression Resource & Training Alliance) Headwaters Facilitation Apprenticeship.

He is also a Program Manager at Open Collective Foundation and serves on the boards of the US Solidarity Economy Network, New Economy Coalition, South Deering Manor Community Association, and Dill Pickle Food Co-op.

Dr. Artika R. Tyner

Artika is a passionate educator, author, sought-after speaker, and advocate for justice. At the University of St. Thomas School of Law, Dr. Tyner serves as the founding director of the Center on Race, Leadership, and Social Justice. She is committed to training students to serve as social engineers who create new inroads to justice and freedom.

Dr. Tyner is committed to empowering others to lead within their respective spheres of influence. She provides leadership development and career coaching for young professionals. She has also developed leadership educational materials for K-12 students, college/graduate students, faith communities, and nonprofits. Additionally, Dr. Tyner teaches leadership coursework on ethics, critical reflection, and organizational development. Her research focuses on diversity/inclusion, community development, and civil rights. She has presented her research and conducted leadership training programs both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Tyner leads by example by organizing policy campaigns, fostering restorative justice practices, developing social entrepreneurship initiatives, and promoting assets-based community development. She serves as a global citizen by supporting education, entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership initiatives in Africa.

Sheryl Walton

Sheryl Walton, MPH, is a community health educator specializing in supporting residents, parents, community groups, and agencies seeking to build on the assets and strengths of low-income, multi-cultural communities to improve health and quality of life.

Sheryl’s areas of experience include planning, training, and technical assistance in the broad field of community-based public health, with an emphasis in resident leadership development and engagement, root causes of racial and ethnic health inequities, community-based participatory research and evaluation, policy and media advocacy, economic development and health, and community organizing. She prides herself on integrating community residents’ perspectives with public health prevention methodologies.

Sheryl is co-author of “Building Local Government and Resident Partnerships to Improve Health: Lessons From the Field,” in Community Organizing & Community Building for Health.