TimeBanks USA is working on a major upgrade of its online Community Weaver TimeBanking software, from version 2.3 to version 3.0. We will be using this blog to keep Community Weaver (CW) coordinators and users informed of progress. This first posting provides a short overview of the upgrade and where we are in the development process. Future postings will inform readers of progress.

The Upgrade
The upgrade to CW 3.0 will include all the existing features of CW 2.3. It will also include new features in response to suggestions requests made by coordinators and users. TBUSA Technical Coordinator, Eric Bachman together with a 5-member Community Weaver “Maintainer Group” of coordinators are acting as an advisory group and to consider and prioritize all suggestions and ideas for CW 3.0. Our developer for CW 3.0 is Kent Davidson from Market Acumen. The first step is to implement CW functioning features, after which it will be worked on by a designer to make its interface user-friendly. Then the testing phase will begin, first with a small group of testers and later with a larger group of TimeBank users. At the same time the manuals for members and coordinators will need to be updated.

Progress to Date
Work has been ongoing since February. The Maintainer Group is dedicated to ensuring that CW 3.0 features will work in ways that TimeBanks need. Eric Bachman facilitates the group, and works with Kent and Chris on deciding what will be incorporated into CW 3.0.  We cannot yet set a firm date at this point by which CW 3.0 will be ready for testing. However, the work done to date means we can now continue to share progress with you on a regular basis. From this point on, to keep you informed, Eric will be adding posts to this CW blog. Finally, because we are now focusing on the development of CW 3, we will continue to fix any bugs in CW 2.3 that prevent it from functioning as a TimeBank, but we will not be adding any new features or making major changes to the current version.

Edgar Cahn, Chris Gray & Eric Bachman