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Reflection by Edgar Cahn

We asked for top TimeBank stories and got this one about “milking a goat.” Not exactly a “do-good deed” of cosmic significance. Except maybe it does.

First, to say the least, this is hardly a likely act for a newcomer to choose. It stands out because it deviates from whatever we think newcomers do.

But second, it epitomizes a larger truth. Small acts, seemingly trivial acts create connectivity. Remembering them and sharing them creates connectivity. The telling transforms isolated acts into relationships. And the creation of a relationship does not occur in a vacuum, in some kind of glass silo.

Relationships radiate out. In doing so, relationships create context. And the creation of context is the creation of meaning. It represents a transient but irrefutable answer to the question: Why am I here? And out of such answers comes a stream of moments that in turn redefine the moment, the possibility, and the direction we choose our lives to take.