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Reflection by Edgar Cahn

Work as we have known it will need to be redefined. Automation, robots, and artificial intelligence will first produce the material goods and increasingly, some part of the digitized work products that organizations, businesses, government offices and educational institutions need. But creating and renewing relationships will continue unabated.

The ecosystem needs that labor to sustain it.  We need to feel that we matter. We need to work.  A sense that one is contributing establishes that one is worthy to receive. The world of economics encompasses two worlds: money chronicles one market where scarcity determines value so that supply can satisfy demand. But there is a second economy, the non-market economy, where relationships drive a different metric. We are witnessing efforts to create and grow that ecosystem through Facebook and Twitter and other social media. Flow is the driving force; networks that generate deviance will trigger ongoing evolution. Without interdependence, we become an endangered species. Social isolation amounts to extinction. TimeBanking can provide a needed ecological balance combining sustainability and purposeful growth.