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Reflection by Edgar Cahn

What did moving that plant one more time really mean? Sometimes, a small act, a tiny shift in reality creates art, creates order and beauty, meaning and purpose. A seemingly finicky and trivial request actually masks a more fundamental need for control and order driven in this case by a struggle to cope with a sense of overwhelm.  That is what TimeBanking makes possible: a way to inject purpose and meaning in small acts, a way to celebrate life.

Doing something that feels just right creates meaning for us – even if it is just for that moment and that act. We need to savor the moment. When we do not just get on with life, we are making a statement that our lives are more than a moment. They are our slice of eternity.  And as we shall see, in this case, accepting and honoring a request to move a plant again and again generated unexpected connectivity and meaning.