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Reflection by Edgar Cahn

In Pad Womack’s graphic, a cog labelled idea powers the creative cog driving a whole system of multi-colored gear wheels.

Mechanical becomes organic – when it inspires art and beauty, when it unleashes a life of creativity and opportunity, when design becomes the fulfillment of a moment of inner balance.

We see it in art.  The mosaic of a stained glass window – spirit translucent in a geometric arch – framed, unchanging, yet somehow honoring the spirit that empowers us all and defines the world in an orderly, disorderly expanding universe.

Fixed becomes fluid.  Static becomes dynamic.  Mechanical becomes art. Words after all are just a collection of inanimate letters.  Yet words convey meaning, sentences generate emotion, paragraphs capture moments in time.  Art, while frozen in time, captures spiritual aspiration.

With TimeBanking, a simple equation, 1 = 1, drives chains of gear wheels, turning, spinning, propelling a renewal of trust and the rebirth of a humming economy of home, family, neighborhood, and community.

We are the product of biochemical interactions of inert molecules that somehow produced a creature, a species driven by curiosity to conquer space and time.