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Reflection by Edgar Cahn

Pysanky eggs and kittles. Such a vision. All of economics – investment and consumption – captured in a single image. TimeBanking does two things: it creates moments and generates memories that live on.

When we reach out to another, we inject meaning in that moment. Each act is itself a work of art, a gift, transient and yet eternal.

The egg, just by itself, is such a perfect symbol of possibility – birth and life. Ironically, it has to be broken for life to come forward.

Painted as Elaine did – it represents a promise and a vision – to be treasured. Coupled with goodies to munch, Elaine created moments
and memories.

The oval transcends both the circle and the square. It is a static image of possibility. For Elaine, it meant that despite dialysis, she could give life and joy and meaning to others.

That TimeBank members were there for her at the end and that each one received a pysanky egg captures all that we are trying to do with
our own lives:
     give joy,
     create beauty,
     affirm life
          and by doing so,
     use a moment in time to transcend Time.