by Edgar Cahn 

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These “stories” are more than stories. Each represents an answer to the question: Why are we here? Each moment engaged in giving, connecting, helping, understanding, rescuing, teaching stands by itself as a declaration: This is why I am here.

If a species from a different planet in a different universe stumbled by accident on planet Earth, they might ask: What do those strange ever-in-motion bipeds on this planet do? How do they survive? What purpose animates them. What are they trying to create?

For those aliens studying us, each one of these “stories” would be more than a story. It would provide a clue as to the DNA of this ever questing being that evolved from a special group of primates. And the secret awareness, embedded in their way of being and their survival instinct was this: Somehow they knew that if the mate of a mother primate died, the mother would have to go out foraging alone. So others then would have to nurture and protect the infants as their own.

These stories are how we relive that awareness and how we answer the question, day by day, Why are we here? As we confront a world being changed by automation and robots and artificial intelligence, that answer remains: We are needed – because we need each other.