Get Connected

At TimeBanks USA, the dream has always been for Timebanks to learn from each other, and to connect with each other in real time and space as well as virtual time and space. Timebanks across the country form a loose network of independent Timebanks that share information about Timebanking.


As Timebanks spring up around the country, the Timebanking movement is gaining strength, becoming ever more diverse, reaching more and more communities.

It is exciting for us to see regional networks starting up and growing in strength to provide training and guidance for start-ups in their area.

Below are some current network resources. Over coming weeks and months we will be working with Timebanks and Timebank leaders to make this website a place for more active sharing of knowledge. So please keep tuned!

TimeBanks USA Directory

In the directory, you will find Timebanks listed that use Community Weaver and the names of the coordinators for each Timebank. Go>>

TimeBanks USA Facebook Page

Go to the TimeBanks USA Facebook page to see what Timebanks are doing and to share your own Timebank’s accomplishments! Go>>

TimeBanks USA Action Hub

The TimeBanks USA Action Hub is a place for Timebanks to seek help with Community Weaver, find listings of Timebank materials, and find forums on different aspects on Timebanking. It’s also the place for signing up to Community Weaver. Go>>

Regional TimeBank Network Hubs and Alliances

As Timebank networks grow and learn together, greater regional alliances are forming closer ties throughout and across state lines. We have formed a collection of regional Timebank network hubs and alliances of Timebanks that are offering support  in their area. If you are seeking to join a Timebank near you, please go instead to our directory here. If you are seeking to start a Timebank, these networks and alliances can help you after you have completed the steps in our “Get Started” section here. Terms and conditions of assistance vary. Check out our draft page: Regional TimeBank Networks.

Tech-Support for Community Weaver

As a small non-profit, TBUSA is able to provide Community Weaver tech-support on a limited basis. In responding to network members’ questions and in ensuring that Community Weaver hosting services are well-maintained, our paid tech-coordinator is hugely helped by members of the network. Go>>