One thing about TimeBanking that makes it fun and interesting is that you never know what offer or request might peep its head over the horizon.

Here’s my most recent piece of unexpectedness.

I put it out there on the timebank that I would offer listening.  It’s not that I’ve had training in being a listener – but the idea of listening has always intrigued me, and I have sought out ways over time to get better at it.

Unexpectedly, I immediately got two responses to my offer. One was from someone I didn’t know who was wanting to talk through a life transition. I did that exchange.  All good.

The other was from a timebank member who has been very involved, and who I knew.  She likes to explore new and interesting things but as a single person, she can’t always find a companion to do them with.

Would I join her for a trip one evening to a Korean tea-room some 30 minutes away in Northern Virginia?

Korean Tea-Room Trip

What a great way to earn some time credits! Of course I said yes.  We went.  We had a fabulous time.  It was quite magical.

Here are the pictures. There’s us sniffing the aromas of the many different — and beautiful — teas. And pics of the tea room decor which was restrained and elegant, and also beautiful.  We were the only people there at that time. I hope that that was rare — because this was such a treat, and I would like it to be there for the long haul.



There’s a picture of the teas that we chose and were delivered to us in small glass tea pots that let the glorious colors of the teas shine through.


And you may just see the handle-less, double-skinned glass cups that we poured the tea into. When we put our hands round them to drink, they had the feel of holding a delicate egg. A perfect match for the delicate teas.

Time slowed down.

And the listening?  Well, I did listen.  But so did my companion. All round, this was definitely a two-way treat.