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Coming Senior Tsunami: Huge Care Shortfall

10,000 people are turning 65 in the US every day. These people are our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and friends. With the rapidly growing demand for health care (costing billions of dollars), budget deficits, and government program cutbacks, our loved ones are not receiving the care they need and deserve.

What can we do to help the Caregiving Scarcity? You guessed it – TimeBanking!

Through TimeBanking we can provide a community based, self-empowered supply of informal health care. Each time exchange creates friendships, a support system, and community. TimeBanking increases self-esteem, improves community engagement, and increases access to the care senior is our community need.

So do you want to help develop community based care? If so, have an informal care event or time exchange, write your congressman about the strengths of TimeBanking or share your ideas on our Facebook andTwitter pages.

Looking for Newsletter Authors

As the summer comes to an end, this will be our last newsletter for a while. However, if we build a newsletter team, we can restart our newsletter for the fall. If you would like to join our newsletter team, please let us know at! We can also give out time credits. Authors who join our National TimeBank ( can earn time credits. J 

Community Weaver 3 Update:

We are in the home stretch for Community Weaver 3 (CW 3.0), which is the new, improved version of our timebanking software. CW 3.0 brings greater flexibility for coordinators and new features that will help with building and organizing timebank member activities. For ease of use on any sized screen, CW 3.0 will “size to fit.” This means that CW 3.0 will be easy to use, regardless of the shape or size of the screen, from phones, to notebooks to computers.

An inspired and energized team of volunteer timebank members and timebank coordinators is testing the new software. How long will that take? Two weeks to complete the task would be fast. A month would be slow. Our projection, therefore, is September – but exact date TBA.

With the initial testing complete and bugs fixed, the software will then be ready for real world use.  We will start with just a small number of timebanks who will report back on their experience. New fixes will be made if needed for usability. CW 3.0 will then be ready to be sent out into the world for everyone. All timebanks will then have their own, custom test version so they can try it out in their own time before switching over from CW 2.  To get an early view of the CW3 design, we invite you to read the CW3 article in the July 2014 e-Magazine.

TimeBanks in the News:

Wellington TimeBank

Check out the Wellington TimeBank which was featured in a blog on the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services website.

Missoula Time Bank 

Check out the Missoula TimeBank, which was featured in this article.

Repair Cafes

Hosting and/or attending a Repair Cafes is one of the many fun group activities TimeBanks participate in. Here is a fun article explaining 10 Cool Reasons to Attend Repair Café.

Philosophies of Timebanking

As many of you will know, there are core values that drive the success of TimeBanks. Keeping in mind these values allows members to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of their TimeBank exchanges. Watch the awesome Long Beach timebanking video to see these core values in action. They are:

1.)Assets: We all have something to give.

2.)Redefining Work:Building community is real, valuable work.

3.)Reciprocity:Helping works better as a two-way street.

4.)Social Networks:People joined in shared purpose are stronger than individuals.

5.)Respect:Every human being matters.

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