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Stephanie’s Blurb: TimeBanks Adventures!

I have had a whirlwind of a week doing so many cool things for TimeBanks! I was able to go to Bread for the City TimeBank’s monthly meeting, where they discussed various community goals and initiatives, such as more support for their rooftop garden, and finding more ways to engage the youth. It was great to see the dedication and the enthusiasm that the timebankers had for their community.

I also recently discovered, here in the TimeBanks USA office, a small folder of designs, which can be viewed here. It contained some examples of time dollars and time credits that timebanks have created. Take a look, and let us know what you think!

-Stephanie E

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Community Weaver 3: Update

We are on the homestretch for Community Weaver 3.0! Following the Global Exchange Gathering in Rhode Island, a group of timebankers will be
testing the software and providing feedback which will enable the developer to fix any bugs. After this initial testing period, Community weaver 3.0 will be available for all timebanks already using CW 2 to review, test and start using.


Timebanks USA would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to the Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks who recently received 501(c)(3) status! The efforts of founder Abby Greer and many others have resulted in a regional model for Ohio. The new non-profit status will allow the organization to allocate resources to member timebanks and various initiatives.

We wish the Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks all the best as they begin a new chapter in the journey that is timebanking.

Announcements: Global Exchange Gathering

The 2014 Global Exchange Gathering in Rhode Island, hosted by the New Hope Time Exchange is quickly approaching! It will be an opportunity to connect with people around who believe in community building. Come learn about timebanking, transition towns, complementary currencies, and cooperative practices. The Global Exchange Gathering will be held from July 31 – August 3, 2014.

On the conference website, the New Hope Time Exchange has provided a detailed agenda. The four days will be filled with workshops, forums, sharing of experiences and best practices, and of course, much discussion and food. For more information and to register, click hereTo
check out our countdown clock, click 

From TimeBanks USA: Achieving Change with TimeBanking

If being a change maker is important to you, or if it is new to you but has strong appeal, then
we invite you to join our Change Maker pre-conference institute workshop.

How can we use TimeBanking to make meaningful change and a more inclusive society? This is the BIG question that we plan to tackle in an interactive and participatory all-day workshop on TimeBanking and system change.

We will begin by providing a quick view of two powerful framing tools that participants can use as guides in their own projects. Using a variety of interactive approaches, including mini-scenarios as jumping off points, we then ask: What is the change you want to see? Who is with you? Where are leverage points to make those changes happen? Where will TimeBanking and its core values make the difference? What does the journey look like?

Edgar Cahn, who will be co-leading this workshop, says his goal is for “each and every person to feel that they have been part of something important. I want them to feel confident that they can use these tools to become stronger as change-makers.”  Our goal is for participants to enjoy and value this day, to be eager to apply the thinking and the tools they learn in this workshop, and to make new friends and colleagues on a shared path.

– Christine Gray

*First called Time Dollars, then TimeBanking when it went international.

Philosophies of Timebanking

As many of you will know, there are core values that drive the success of TimeBanks. Keeping in mind these values allows members to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of their TimeBank exchanges. Watch the awesome Long Beach timebanking video to see these core values in action. They are:

1.)Assets: We all have something to give.

2.)Redefining Work:Building community is real, valuable work.

3.)Reciprocity:Helping works better as a two-way street.

4.)Social Networks:People joined in shared purpose are stronger than individuals.

5.)Respect:Every human being matters.

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