We Did It Campaign

Want a more just, more equitable world?  Help us raise $25,000 to spread Timebanking with phone-based software.

In a world where some can give, others receive, Timebanking makes it possible for everyone to give. Not just some people. Not just the lucky ones. Or the powerful ones.


With Timebanking every hour of giving earns a time credit.  A paper version looks like this:

time credit

We don’t use paper anymore!  We created Community Weaver software online to keep track of everyone who joins their local Timebank, all the ways they help and want to be helped.

NOW, we need to get it on phones!

CW phone1

With a lot of free help and a pledge of $25,000, we are getting closer to the end with a fantastic phone version of the software.

Help us match the pledge to get to the finish line with your contribution!     

With Timebanking, every person has value, everyone’s time is equal.  We believe that this more equal way is worth a big investment.  Please contribute to this investment.

How Does Timebanking Work?

Have you given an hour of help?  Timebanking says: Great. Now do the turn-around.  Be willing to receive a time credit for that help. Use that credit to accept help – or time – from another.

An hour for an hour for an hour, everybody’s time is equal regardless of the task done or the help given.

hour for hour

Sounds crazy to some, but it works.  Worldwide, Timebanking is spreading.

globe map

With Timebanking, labels like “unemployed” or “homeless” or “teenage mum” lose their punch. Everyone can contribute. Everyone counts.

Timebanking draws on our most generous aspects through one simple idea: that an hour given by one person can generate an hour of giving by another.

zalkind quote

Will you help us?

Please visit our campaign at http://wedid.it/campaigns/1600.