On Wednesday, January 15th, Diane Sawyer and ABC News ran a brilliant piece on TimeBanking. The focus was on The Louisville TimeBank, which is located in Diane Sawyer’s hometown. The Louisville TimeBank was celebrating its 2nd anniversary, and we were there for the party along with the film crew.

Louisville TimeBank celebrates their 2nd Anniversary

Louisville TimeBank celebrates their 2nd Anniversary

Getting ready for the broadcast was another story.

When the show aired last night, we had just unwrapped our new website, and we took a lot of precautions to ensure we had enough bandwidth for anyone who came to find us after watching. The response was overwhelming. At one point, we were showing 83 pages of this website a SECOND.

In case you missed it, here is a link to the broadcast: Diane Sawyer’s Hometown in Kentucky Saves Money By Helping Each Other Out

For anyone who had trouble getting to our website during the broadcast, we are sorry for your inconvenience. We were humbled by the response.

And we were inspired by the response, that so many people took steps last night to be a part of this movement. Lets keep it going!